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Descendant Wand by mistergrinn Descendant Wand by mistergrinn
13 inches - Black Walnut - Ancient handle

I fashioned this wand to look similar to a broken wand I found after a deatheater encounter down the road late one night. The remaining fragments showed that the wand was old and by the looks of the way it splintered, some very intense spells were cast from it. I sent an owl to the aurors investigating the incident to let them know that I have the fragments in my shop, should they (or relatives of the wizard or witch who fell) wish to pick it up.

Despite the powerful spells used, it is truly a shame that it wasn't enough to save this individual's life in a time of great need. I hope this new wand proves different.

If you're interested, I also have a growing gallery of my wand work here: WANDS.

For additional information about this wand and/or my wand crafting in general, please click here.

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lonelychou Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
i like this one.
the pattern on the handle is intriguing fo all it's simpleness. also, it looks indeed like it's ancient. passed dwn by generation and generations of wizzards
mistergrinn Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
Thank you! I think wands with aged appearances have deep and wonderful origins. Sometimes dark ones, but fascinating nonetheless!
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September 18, 2011
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